The industry is moving further and further away from being centred around AV and being squarely focused on the network. As such, integrators should be on the lookout for devices that sit on the network and can turn their companies into ‘service providers’.

One such product comes from French supplier Krika. The One is an all-in-one PC and Krika solution embedded into a powerful Intel NUC platform.

“Krika, I believe, is something that dealers really need to embrace and start using on every single project,” says The BIG Corp president Pete Baker, who acts as the international sales rep for Krika.

“I was an installer for 20 years and on so many occasions I would get a phone call at 8pm on a Friday night from a
client saying their system is dead. Troubleshooting over the phone wasn’t always an option because quite often the
client didn’t know what they were looking at.

“Essentially, it was the same as being in a dark room wearing a blindfold, stumbling around while trying to figure out what is wrong with the system.”

Pete says with Krika, integrators can now be proactive instead of reactive.

“After connecting a Krika system, it automatically takes inventory of all the devices that are on the same network.
It then takes an inventory and populates a dashboard with all of those devices.”

An integrator can then go through that list and select critical devices like control system processors or security
systems and set parameters for those devices.

“If a device quits communicating with the cloud the Krika system will send the technician a text message or an email to let them know that at the ‘X’ residence the ‘X’processor locked up. So you will know about it potentially even before your client does.

“Then, if the system includes an IP-enabled power strip, like those from SurgeX, you can remotely reboot the stalled device.”

Recently Krika launched a new platform called WHEOSE, or the ‘World Wide Help Each Other Social Experience’, which connects installers with other installers all around the world.

“If you’re working on a system that includes a Crestron processor, Apple TV and a Panasonic television and you’re
having a problem, you can click on ‘Help Me’ and other dealers who are part of the WHEOSE program can jump in and offer support.”

Pete says Krika was ultimately developed to address reliability issues pertaining to technology of any variety.

“If a consumer is spending $10,000 or $20,000 or more on a control system they want to know that it is going to work reliably. Well, the truth is nobody in this industry can guarantee that they’re going to have bulletproof performance. They just can’t. There are too many different things that could happen.

“In the same way as a PC or Mac locks up, or an iPad or smartphone, any smart home technology has the potential to lock up.

“But if you put this little box in, you can abate those concerns. Clients don’t have to call you; you’ll already know what’s happening.”

Krika is available in Australia, New Zealand “and Tasmania” through Avation.

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