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BIG is a Full-Service Sales and Marketing Representative and Consulting Firm dedicated to providing unmatched Brand Development and Global Expansion Support to our customers in the Consumer Electronics Industry. Our goal is simple: deliver exceptional value by exceeding our clients’ expectations in every regard.

Our Services

Sales Representation & Consulting

BIG is very proud to have worked with some of the finest brands in the Consumer Electronics industry. The following is a list of some of the clients we have had the honor to work with over the years:

Marketing & Branding

Experienced Marketing Professional. Exceptional at Brand Development and creating Marketing and Dealer/Distributor CAR/Incentive Programs. Exceptional Social Media and email marketing activities, regularly, to a Technology Industry audience of over 10,000 and growing.


Training & Education

Experienced Key Note Speaker, having conducted hundreds of presentations all over the world. Recognized by CEDIA as a Subject Matter Expert for Control and Automation.

CE Business Academy

CE Business Academy is a subsidiary of The BIG Corp – Baker International Group. The Academy offers quality education for Consumer Electronics Professionals on subjects primarily focused on Sales, Marketing and Business Development, related to the Technology Industry.

Educational opportunities are provided through various platforms: print media, on-site presentations and downloadable videos via the login below.

CE Business Academy has invested heavily in acquiring certifications and accreditation to deliver education with powerful benefits for you and the client’s you serve. Listed below are a few examples and descriptions of the designations we have earned:

CEDIA Subject Matter Expert, User Interfaces and Control Systems:

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) supports the development of CEDIA content and provides input based on a specific knowledge or expertise. SMEs can be experts in many areas providing Business or Technical guidance. Expertise include: Operations, Marketing, Sales, Lighting, Home Automation and Control, Technology Design, Home Theater, Audio and Acoustics, Audio and Video Distribution, or Security and Surveillance.

CEDIA Certified Outreach Instructor:

“COIs” are trained to teach a variety of CEDIA-specific courses to those in the building trades, courses that focus on everything from security solutions to home theater installations. They’re anecdotal, solution-based courses – not “how-to” sessions but a window into the value that the Consumer Electronics Technology Professional will provide to any project. Courses also provide attendees with continuing education credits.

CEDIA Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Provider:

 “CEU” Providers has submitted courses to CEDIA Education and have been approved to deliver CEDIA Continuing Education Credits to attendees for attending courses.


Harnessing over 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry with a track record of BIG success…

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