Professional Sales Representation

In addition to World Class Sales Representation we can support your efforts through the whole process: training, marketing, and customer support.

Global Expansion

We have decades of experience working with exceptional distributors in all the key markets worldwide. We can help to establish your brand with the very best representatives available in each market.

Creative Marketing and Branding Support

Global Marketing experience at BIG can help you to increase brand awareness and develop an effective Marketing Strategy.

Business Development

BIG has decades of experience creating and executing successful plans for business growth and global expansion.

Strategic Planning

We harness decades of experience in global sales, marketing and business development to create an effective strategy for success.

Training and Education, through the CE Business Academy

Having conducted hundreds of presentations all over the world, we can help train and educate your customers on the benefits offered by your brand and products. Through our CE Business Academy, attendees can also have the opportunity to earn CEDIA Continuing Education Credits for select courses.

BIG Idea Group Consulting

BIG has assembled a team of industry professionals to help you create an effective strategy to achieve success globally.

Think BIG! ®

If you want to become BIG, you must first believe you can and Think BIG! Let us help you to make your dream a reality.

Welcome to BIG!

We are a Global, full service Consumer Electronics Sales Rep, Marketing, Training, Business Development firm, and Consulting Agency. We are proud to provide exceptional support to some of the finest brands in the Consumer Electronics Industry.

BIG was founded by Pete Baker, a dynamic Global Sales and Marketing Professional with decades of experience successfully maximizing product sales and driving revenue growth over the past 30 years in the custom electronics industry. Mr. Baker began his career as an integrator, accumulating vast experience working on thousands of systems; in front-end system design and sales, back-end operational management, in-field installation, programming and project management. He later led talented teams to achieve global success with a Control System manufacturer, as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Now, as the President of The BIG Corp, he has worked with dozens of leading CE Manufacturers to further develop brand awareness, expand their global footprint and increase sales!

When you add BIG to your team, you engage 30 years of experience to help fuel further success in many key areas of your business: Sales, Marketing, Training, Brand and Business Development.

More About BIG

Our Services

Global Strategy

We have the experience and understanding of the Global markets and the Custom Installed Consumer Electronics channel to develop and execute a winning strategy for your brand.

Professional Sales Representation

With over 30 years of Global Business Development experience in the Consumer Electronics Industry, BIG has the knowledge, technical understanding and skills to deliver the most effective and comprehensive Sales experience for your brand.


BIG understands the International markets, and how to create and deliver the most impactful message about the brand to the regional audience.


Add BIG to your team as a consultant for a specific project: long or short term, and you will gain 30 years of industry experience to fuel further success with your business.

The Latest from BIG

As a CEDIA Subject Matter Expert on Control and Automation and a veteran in the CE industry, Pete Baker has contributed many articles to publications worldwide on various subjects.

Think BIG!

Harnessing over 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry with a track record of BIG success…

Contact us today to discover how we can help develop your brand and expand your global footprint.

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