BIG Idea Group is a consulting service offered by The Big Corp. The BIG Idea Group is a team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in the Consumer Electronics Industry and Leaders in their field of expertise. These outstanding professionals can be engaged individually or as a team through The BIG Corp to deliver their expertise and wealth of knowledge to your company.

Pete Baker

Pete Baker is a dynamic, sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of global experience, successfully maximizing product sales and driving revenue growth in the CE industry.

He began his career as an integrator, accumulating vast experience in front-end system design and sales, back-end operational management, in-field installation as a licensed Power Limited Technician, programming and project management. He has worked on thousands of systems and was the founder of Custom Home Integration, a leading installation firm that he sold in 2006.

Switching his focus to the manufacturing side of the industry, Mr. Baker joined Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI) in 2002. As the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, he spent the next 12 years building the RTI brand globally — positioning the company as a world-class leader for control, automation and distributed audio solutions. A positive, proactive leader adept at motivating and training winning teams, Mr. Baker led RTI’s worldwide sales, marketing, technical support, customer service, product integration and training efforts, creating strategies that resulted in a 2900% increase in sales under his tenure.

Mr. Baker was responsible for cultivating the company’s global distribution network into one of the most respected international sales, marketing and support teams in the industry, deploying a strategy that has been recognized and replicated by many distinguished and established CE manufacturers.

With a talent for thinking creatively, Mr. Baker was also instrumental in the development of numerous unique, award-winning programs and initiatives at RTI, including the company’s: Advanced Control University (ACU), C2C (Committed to Custom), Integration Partner, Global Partner Summit, International Service Partner, Integration Zone Newsletter, and the popular Control Bucks, Elite dealer and many other highly acclaimed programs, which have received countless Industry awards.

Mr. Baker has delivered hundreds of presentations all over the globe, earning him recognition as an engaging and sought-after public speaker. During his travels, he has gained first-hand knowledge of the different global markets and created a worldwide network of talented business associates, colleagues and friends.

Now, Mr. Baker is the President of The BIG Corp, Baker International Group. BIG is a Global Sales Rep and Business Development agency, providing exceptional support to the finest brands in Consumer Electronics. He is also the founder of CE Business Academy, providing quality education to CE Professionals Worldwide.

Arthur Laub

Arthur Laub is an accomplished Marketing Professional with over 20 years of US and international experience in the Residential and Commercial AV Custom Installation industry. Harnessing decades of experience working with distributors and manufacturers in management, leadership and consulting roles.

Mr. Laub has a proven track record of success, taking a strategic approach to creating sustainable marketing campaigns that involve sales activities to gain momentum in the market place. He consistently delivers expert marketing skills; building brand awareness, and crafting the right product and brand message, while generating leads and improving relationships with customers. Always engineering a strategic marketing initiative, which produces more effective, successful and sustainable sales efforts.

Mr. Laub joined the professional AV industry in 1999 and worked as a product manager at COMM-TEC, one of the largest AV distributors in Europe. Specializing in managing control and AV signal management brands, he developed a technical background that helped him market AV products to commercial dealers and system integrators. In 2007, he was appointed Director of Marketing at COMM-TEC and spent the next 6 years positioning the company as a No. 1 distributor in mainland Europe. He pioneered the implementation of email marketing and interactive marketing, working closely with sales staff to target customers and prospects. His approach contributed to a remarkable growth of the dealer base and sales numbers.

In 2012, Mr. Laub switched his focus to the residential AV business. He joined VIVATEQ, a European distributor and created effective marketing, sales and support strategies to successfully launch multiple US brands in the European market.

Today, Mr. Laub is an independent Marketing Consultant, providing his profound knowledge to manufacturers and distributors in the United States and Europe.

Helge Fischer

Mr. Fischer was born and educated in Copenhagen Denmark. He received a college degree with an emphasis on International Business and Language studies. He continued on to receive an advanced (MBA) degree in Finance from the business school in Denmark.

Mr. Fischer turned his attention to the US in 1978, acting as the Managing Director for a furniture Company in Chicago, Illinois. This company specialized in importing, marketing and distributing Scandinavian furniture in the US. Mr Fischer developed and implemented a business plan to successfully increase the company’s revenue from $3 Million to $80 Million in just 2 ½ years to become the largest company in the category.

In 1979, Mr. Fischer started Jamo US, Inc. while still working at the furniture company. Mr. Fischer and his team built the Jamo US business from the ground up to become one of the most successful loudspeaker brands in the US. The Jamo team grew to roughly 85 people, including a highly regarded rep force. As the Managing Director Mr. Fischer lead all efforts for the team, including: manufacturing, product development, sales, marketing, HR, accounting, budgeting, etc.. Eventually leading to the successful purchase by an American company.

In 1999 Helge Fischer was honored by His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark in recognition of outstanding services to the trade relations between Denmark and America. The Medal of Honour was given by His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark and the National Association of Enterprise.

Mr. Fischer has been published in several magazines and periodicals regarding his insights in the audio video business.

Jeff Kussard

Mr. Kussard is a true industry visionary. His involvement in residential systems integration began as a hobby. While a young teen during the mid 1960s Mr. Kussard used his family home as a lab to experiment with (what we now know as) media distribution and home automation / control. In the mid 70’s, while a salesman in a specialty audio shop, Mr. Kussard worked after hours pulling wire and installing systems as one of the pioneers of the modern residential AV contracting movement. Drawn to the supplier ranks in the 90s Mr. Kussard became widely recognized for his leadership. The beginning of the new millennia saw Mr. Kussard leading custom install initiatives at Harman Consumer as the GM of Harman Custom Central. At that time CE Pro magazine’s Julie Jacobsen remarked on Mr. Kussard’s visionary perspectives, of the convergence of computer, internet and entertainment and resulting impact on sales channels, and declared him to be prescient.

Mr. Kussard is recognized throughout the systems contracting communities for his entrepreneurship, business development acumen and volunteer efforts. Mr. Kussard has filled nearly every role in the audio, video and control spaces. He is skilled in all disciplines related to brand (development & management), product (road-mapping, planning & launch and merchandising), marketing / marketing communications, sales and cultural / organizational development. Mr. Kussard has held executive / strategy positions in each of these areas. Executive roles in manufacturing and wholesale enterprises saw Mr. Kussard create product, marketing, technology and merchandising strategies to drive operational effectiveness that resulted in notable top and bottom line growth. His work in brand development and brand positioning has elevated tier two and tier three level brands to category leading positions.

Mr. Kussard is perhaps most recognized for his extensive and very active volunteer efforts. As a CEDIA volunteer, Mr. Kussard was twice elected (as an integrator) and twice appointed (as a manufacturer) to the CEDIA board of directors. He has made numerous contributions to the industry as a volunteer to both CEDIA and CEA (now CTA) and has been recognized via numerous citations and awards. Among them he has been recognized for his roles as architect and champion of CEDIA University, and leadership roles in the creation of CEDIA Certification and the CEDIA Volunteer Development programs. Mr. Kussard is most proud to be among the small group of initial CEDIA Fellows.

Mr. Kussard has contributed to numerous industry trade publications on technical and business topics.